Fan's Attempt At Selfie With Usain Bolt At Commonwealth Games Is Miserable Failure

  • Rick Chandler

Hahaha. Sad, really.

The chance one rarely gets presents itself to young Jake Spencer, a (one presumes) Scottish fan at the Commonwealth Games. But his selfie with Usain Bolt ends tragically when Spencer uses the wrong camera on his phone, capturing nothing but a blurry photo of the track.

Poor dope.

The Selfie Fail soon made the rounds in British media, including the BBC website, proving either that technology truly has taken over sports, or that the Commonwealth Games are so boring that we need to turn to this. Not sure which.

As for Bolt himself, he helped Jamaica to the gold medal in the 4×100 meter relay at the Commonwealth Games — his only job this week in Scotland — the team running a record 37.58. Then he went a little insane, posing for selfies with the crowd and, photobombing the second-place England team? Who does that?

Bolt later told BBC Radio that he’s going to concentrate on the 200 meters from now on, other than brief forays with the 100m such as his Aug. 14 race in Rio de Janiero.