Pinstriped Soriano, Dez Bryant And The Best Fantasy Football Setup

Alfonso Soriano Yankees

This week in the Twitterverse, @allinkid tells you what he thinks of Alfonso Soriano in New York, if you should buy into Christian Yelich, if Dez Bryant is a top pick and what the ultimate league setup is.

@br—s7: thoughts on Alfonso Soriano in pinstripes?

@allinkid: has a slimming effect

He won’t change their playoff chances? Oh, I’m sure you mean Fantasy wise. And yes, I did follow up with the tweeter and tell him what I’m about to tell you.

Alfonso Soriano is what he is: high-20/low-30 homer guy with a mediocre average. The move to New York won’t increase his power production, as he’s right-handed, so there is no effect on his Fantasy value. You can still expect Soriano to finish with an average around .250 with 27-32 HRs and solid production elsewhere. If any Yankees fan or inexperienced owner expects improvement though, certainly trade Soriano “high.”

@pu—ry: is Christian Yelich a must add?

@allinkid: in all but shallow leagues, I’d say yes

Christian Yelich is young (21) but is one of the game’s best prospects. This season in Double-A, Yelich hit .280 with seven home runs, five stolen bases and 29 RBI in 49 games. Yelich has a great swing and with the left field job solely his, there is plenty of potential. In six games, Yelich is hitting .280 with two multi-hit games. The concern, as with most youngsters, is the free-swinging approach, seen in his eight Ks already. I wouldn’t drop a Top 75 hitter for him, but a bench guy? Certainly. At this point, there are few – if any – hitters than can have a similar impact for the rest of the season.

@tx—ne: hey what’s the highest rd you would draft Dez Bryant?

@allinkid: Late Round 2 of 12-teamer, which means, I don’t ever get him

In standard rankings, I have Dez Bryant fifth (fourth in PPR). That’s high, and I’m not even entirely comfortable with it. I know the supporters point to his third-place finish with absurd numbers from Week 10 on, but did we see the Bryant we always wanted or a Dwayne Bowe 2010-type run? Obviously, placing him fifth means I believe more the former than latter, but I won’t be drafting him. My fifth WR check in around 20th overall. However, Bryant’s ADP is 12th overall right now – sandwiched between Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham. Sorry, but I’m not passing on Alfred MorrisBrandon MarshallMatt ForteJulio Jones or Steven Jackson for Dez. Not gonna do it; wouldn’t be prudent.


@allinkid: Oh man, the light in my dryer just broke…err…wait… What do I even need that for?!

@Chad_Scott13: too funny… My wife told me that earlier this week.. I asked “there was a light?”

@allinkid: ha…weird coincidence…but yea, what’s the point? So my clothes can see each other before I close the door?

Wait, laundry talk again? Don’t worry, I’m going to keep this short. I simply want to know what the purpose is for a dryer light. Seriously, did the inventor think I’d miss the giant hole to throw the clothes into? Want me to be able to do laundry in the dark? I just want to know the reason… it keeps me up at night!

@Ja—um: My 1st fantasy draft is tonight. I know the main guys, help me out with a couple possible sleepers?

@allinkid: love Shorts. Ball, Ivory, Sproles for where drafted, Tannehill, E Sanders, Little

If you subscribe to our Draft Package, you can see my (and the staff’s) positional sleepers and busts. I’ve been hyping Cecil Shorts for months, and I don’t understand the lack of love. Short version on Shorts: look at what he did in 14 games with the same junk QB situation last year. As long as John Fox doesn’t mess around with Montee Ball, great things are in store. Chris Ivory just needs to stay healthy in order to have a big season as a lead RB for the first time. Darren Sproles (and the Saints) have Sean Payton back – Sproles was a RB2 in standard leagues under Payton. Ryan TannehillEmmanuel Sanders and Greg Little will all out-produce their draft costs.

@dz—ns: Unload Dickey for David Murphy? Only doing it so I dont have to drop him and someone cant use waiver and not trade for him!

@allinkid: might as well yes

At some point, you have to cut your losses. R.A. Dickey is one of this year’s bigger disappointments – although, the top spot can’t be wrestled from B.J. Upton… maybe it’s the two-letter first name guys? Dickey has a 4.86 ERA and 1.30 WHIP and just gave up five runs in six innings to the Astros… the Astros folks. The home runs have hurt Dickey this year, and the strikeouts are down. I am not sure I’d outright drop Dickey and not just play matchups (although, Astros… the Astros!), but if you are in a shallow enough league where you can, why not trade him instead?


Daniel Murphy isn’t getting his due for how well he’s played this year, and it’s at a premium position, second base. Murphy is hovering just below .290 this season, and he already has eight home runs, 60 Runs, 49 RBI and 11 SBs. For reference, those are four, two and 16 off his career highs with SBs already his best. In case you are wondering, with the injuries and off years among other second baseman, Murphy ranks as the seventh best option.

@Ja—10: What is your ideal fantasy football pool parameters? In terms of # of teams, positions, players. PPR vs. Non-PPR etc

@allinkid: always said best setup: 12-team, 9-starter (no kicker), 6-bench, auction, 1/2 PPR for fantasy football: double headers too if can

First, 10-team leagues simply leave too much talent on the wire. Find 11 other people. Seriously, you can’t be that unlikeable can you? Okay, maybe you live in rural America where the sheriff, town doctor and grocery store owner all come over for Christmas. If you are forced to play in a 10-team league, at least expand the rosters by two or more players. Don’t let players like Kendall Wright sit unrostered. Second, standard setup is antiquated, but I’ll also argue (and always have) that full PPR leagues are lazy. A full point weighs too heavily and skews the wide receivers and third-down backs. Five catches for 12 yards and no TDs shouldn’t grant you six Fantasy points! Third, get into auction leagues. If standard leagues are antiquated, then snake drafts are for grandparents or your 12-year-old niece who’d rather go see a Justin Bieber concert. Roster size is self explanatory, but it’s the other two parts I’ll touch on quickly. Kickers, well, you know how I feel about them. I don’t want a position where someone throwing darts has as good of a chance at picking the best option as does someone with vast knowledge. As for double headers, the sites offering them are hard to find, but it helps mitigate the luck factor. It’s frustrating to score the second-most points and lose; I know this all too well. In a double header league though, you’re guaranteed to go 1-1 at the worst. Trust me, following my “best way” league setup will have you enjoying Fantasy Football more and never going back.

Until next week, I’m out!

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