The Twitterverse Discusses Gronk, Cespedes… And Diddy?

Rob Gronkowski Gronk Hat

The second half of the MLB season is here, which means more trade talk but also early preparation for Fantasy Football drafts. This week, @allinkid tackles the Twitterverse to tell you what to do about Rob Gronkowski, whether you should expect more from Yoenis Cespedes, if Matt Garza’s value will be affected by a trade and even… laundry?

g_—26: gronk is available to me late in the 4th round. I have Brees, Murray & McCoy. Would you gamble and get Gronk??

@allinkid: at that point, yes

I understand what I am about to say can be construed as playing both sides, but hear me out. If I am drafting today, or even in the next few weeks, I won’t end up owning Rob Gronkowski. Why? First, I have him as the fourth TE on my board. I simply can’t move him higher than Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten and Tony Gonzalez. Second, because I have him fourth, Gronk never lasts long enough for his draft value to be worth the risk. Now, if we are talking end of Round 4, early Round 5, then I’ll consider it. Gronk is a TE who puts up WR2 numbers at the worst, WR1 at the best, when healthy. But that is the sticking point. Is he healthy? Will he be healthy? If I’m drafting weeks from now and Gronk’s health isn’t a concern, move him up to the No. 1 TE spot (not in PPR though, that’s Graham either way). However, I can’t, you can’t, even the team and Gronk can’t guarantee that he’ll play all 16 games and not miss the start of the season… yet.

@Ch—81: good call early #cubanmissile

@allinkid: somewhat makes up for Fielder call

Yea, my original Home Run Derby pick left me as amused as P. Diddy (or whatever he calls himself now) was during Jay Pharaoh’s terrific Jay-Z bit during the ESPYs.


Prince Fielder didn’t even make it to the second round, but after watching Yoenis Cespedes’ (say that in your head – with the possessive form, that’s a lot of s’s!) performance, I knew he would take home the title. Like I said, it doesn’t make up for Fielder bombing, but I am posting this tweet because several have been asking about Cespedes’ (there we go again) outlook for the second half.

Even though I ranked Cespedes lowest of the RotoExperts staff in the preseason, I still expected better than this. The biggest detractor was that I didn’t believe Cespedes was more than a .260-range hitter. Well, he’s hitting .225 and still missing games (another downside I pointed out). The supporters will point to his second half last year, when Cespedes hit .311 with 14 of his 23 HRs, stole 10 of his 16 SBs and his OPS jumped from .790 to .909. I don’t think we can just pencil Cespedes in for a similar second half though. After all, his AVG/OPS was .263/.790 in the first half in 2012 and is .225/.713 this year. Yes, the Cuban Missile has upside given his ability for 30 HRs and 20 SBs, but we haven’t seen that yet, and he hasn’t even been healthy enough to reach that level. You can buy low, but I’m not sure anyone is selling Cespedes for what his true value is going forward, and that’s as an outfielder in the 25-30 range.

@allinkid: @SchaufDS @Fantasytaz Dansby & Osi definitely more upside than cost IMO

@Sc—DS: Dansby, in particular, will probably go undrafted in most places

We were talking IDP leagues. What is this IDP I speak of? It’s Individual Defensive Player leagues. Instead of drafting the 49ers as your defense, you select actual players from defenses. Now, I know it’s not a popular league type and still seems to be a niche. However, if you want to add another layer to Fantasy Football and enjoy it more, start playing in IDP leagues. Look, you don’t have to go banana ape nuts sandwich on this. Just add four players to start: a DL, LB, DB and a Flex on defense. This way, you don’t feel overwhelmed by the new stats (tackles, forced fumbles, interceptions) that you have to research. In truth, many of the stats are already part of your evaluation of team D/ST, this just takes it to the player level. If you look at the tweets too, there are just as many sleepers or ways to get serious value. Trust me, playing in IDP leagues will only make your Fantasy Football experience that much more fun, especially when J.J. Watt has two sacks, a forced fumble and TD for your team.

@TJ—23: Gore or David Wilson

@YahooNoise: Gore > Wilson

@allinkid: I rarely do, but disagreeing w/ Brad this time, Wilson

As I said, normally, I agree with Brad Evans more often than not. However, when it comes to David Wilson, he’s refusing the spot next to me on the bandwagon… and no, it’s not because of the odor, I actually have quite the pleasant aroma. I do wish he’d join me though, we could have so much fun!

I understand the concerns with Wilson. For starters, a matador yelling, “Ole,” might have been a better pass blocker. Still, that hasn’t stopped C.J. Spiller in Buffalo, and he’s regularly ranked in the Top Five at RB. Wilson has nearly as much explosiveness, and to boot, he plays behind a better offensive line with a much better offense and a Grand Canyon sized gap in talent at QB.

“But what about Andre Brown?” Okay, I understand that concern as well. People point to Brown’s eight TDs in eight games (where he registered a carry). However, Wilson never touched the ball more than three times in those games, outside of the Packers game when Brown broke his fibula. Brown’s work mainly came behind Ahmad Bradshaw and as the lead once Bradshaw was hurt. Don’t forget, Brown is coming off a broken leg. What guarantee do we have that 1) he’s 100 percent the Brown we saw in 2012; 2) the Giants use him the same way with Wilson now as the lead; 3) Brown has the same ridiculous touchdown success. I don’t see any guarantees at all.

As for Gore, we know what he is. I will admit, there is more “guarantee” with him than Wilson. However, I’m looking at potential, and Wilson has Top 10 potential. At best, Gore replicates last year (which I don’t expect) and finishes 12th. Sometimes you take the risk, and in this case, I’m going reward on top.

@allinkid: Anyone else believe that clothes/etc where wrinkles don’t matter (undergarments, towels, socks, etc.) don’t need to be folded?

@SlimCliffy: I never do it. Undershirts, socks and boxers are thrown into a pile in my drawer. Wasted time, indeed

@ThatMurph: Agreed I don’t even fold shirts, that’s what hangers are for

@zach_law: I thought your fantasy football groupies fold your laundry

If only, Zach, if only. Quick sidebar here. I’m sure this would and doesn’t fly with wives, but how can anyone argue against it? Does anyone care if those are wrinkled? Who sees them? Just me! I have better ways to spend my time than folding something that doesn’t need to wrinkle-free. Priorities!

@bn—05: I am in a 10 team non ppr and i can pick any spot to draft, 1st through 10th. which spot do u like best if you could choose?

@allinkid: 5 bc get best of Top 5 w/ fastest turn

I hope he understood that you wouldn’t get “the best” of the Top Five, and that I meant you get the best leftover option from the Top Five. My five: Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles, C.J. Spiller, Arian Foster. After that, we start running (see what I did there) into questions. I still love Skittles, err, Marshawn Lynch, and think LeSean McCoy and Ray Rice are lacking respect, but there is a clear step down here. That is why I love the five spot, as you get whichever is left, and you get the fastest turn of anyone in the Top Five for Round 2. You’re getting the best player over those four teams while still getting a RB that could easily finish No. 1.

@pu—st: should I be buying or selling Matt Garza bc of soon trade?

@allinkid: I don’t think value changes w/ discussed teams, so buy if need pitching

Not to self back pat here – my shoulder can get sore from too much of it – but, I said it time and again to grab Matt Garza if available before his return. Then, after his nine-run disaster on June 11, I practically yelled, “Buy! Buy! Buy!” Garza has been (for years) and is a Top 40 pitcher. Few leagues seem to give him his due though, and I am always happy to jump.

Garza has been terrific since that blow up with just six ERs in six starts, spanning 43.2 IP (1.24 ERA), and oh… simply adding 48 Ks. No, Garza isn’t this good, but owners still seem to treat him as a 60-70 guy instead of Top 40.

As for where Garza goes, why worry? Wrigley Field is far from a pitcher’s haven, and the teams rumored are significantly better than the Cubs. The Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Cardinals and Indians have all expressed interest, and most recently, the A’s jumped into the fray. The only parks to worry about here are Boston and Arizona, but the team quality will offset that, and oh boy, talk about value boost if Garza heads to Oakland.

Don’t sell Garza based on trade concerns, instead, look to buy for owners worried about the same… and then fawn over the man if he ends up in Oakland. Oh joy!


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