Tip For Celebrities: Avoid Buying Nudie Magazines Right Before Posing With Fans

  • Glenn Davis

Felipe Baloy, a defender for Santos Laguna in Mexico and captain of Panama’s national team, did a good thing. He saw a young fan (wearing a Santos Laguna jersey, at that), and he posed with that fan for a picture. Nice moment, and props to Baloy for making it happen. It’s more than enough to forgive the fact that he forgot the bag he ws carrying was semi-transparent:

Nothing wrong with Baloy picking up a Playboy, of course – in fact, as you might have guessed, it makes us love this picture way, way more. And while some wondered what Baloy was doing buying that with so much porn available for free on the internet (everyone’s doing it!), it reminds us of a New York Times column from a few days ago that talked about rich people buying up newspapers simply because they’re the only people who can afford to make the (probably losing) investment.

Sure, that column was about owning the entire newspaper and Baloy just bought a single copy of a magazine, but really: at this point, spending any money for the privilege of looking at naked lady pictures is a sign you’ve got money to burn. Not that people don’t still have an appreciation for Playboy. In fact, if that fan had been a little older, Baloy probably would have made his day more by handing him that bag than posing for a photo.

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