Female Motocross Rider Celebrates Too Early, Wipes Out, Loses Gold, Cries

  • Rick Chandler

When a motocross announcer says “Did that really happen?”, you know it’s probably worth watching.

Meghan Rutledge is 18 years old, and she had a nice lead on the last lap of the Women’s Moto X event the X-Games in Los Angeles on Saturday night. But then she decided to pull a Leon Lett and begin fist-pumping before the finish line.

Degree of difficulty: high, because she was in mid-air at the time. On a motorcycle. And so, she landed wrong and dumped the bike, allowing second-place Vicki Golden to become first-place Vicki Golden.

And speaking of that name, Golden won her third straight gold medal in that event.

Rutledge, to ESPN:

“If I had stayed on the bike, there was no way I could have lost. I had one straight to go. But, you know, mistakes happen.”