Fender-Bend It Like Beckham: Soccer Star Plows Into Other Car, Sucks At Driving

  • Rick Chandler

So David Beckham allegedly collided with another car as he was exiting his driveway in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon, crumpling his front bumper and denting the other car, an SUV, accordin gto witnesses. Of course there’s photos of the damage, because there’s paparazzi outside Beckham’s house pretty much 24/7.

After the collision, according to witnesses, Beckham backed his car back onto his property, out of sight — the automotive version of flopping. Best part: the ruined bumper was scraping along the ground as Beckham backed away in shame.

Many photos here.

Nice driving lesson for his 14-year-old son, Brooklyn, who was in the passenger seat.

In the video above, it looks like he then sends out his assistant to deal with the aftermath. Eventually Beckham does come out and talk with the cops. Reportedly, no one was hurt.