This Is How Crazy Turkish Soccer Fans Are

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Fenerbahce Fans Crazy

Turkey has arguably the craziest soccer fans in the world. Search around YouTube, and you will discover this quickly. Or just look at the picture above. We’ve also showed you here at SportsGrid, say, the time fans threw a smoke bomb at players, and the time Fenerbahce fans sent parachute flares over their stadium wall, because they weren’t allowed in for by UEFA for shooting fireworks at opponents.

Yeah, these people are insane. And yesterday, fans of the same club, Fenerbahce, reportedly did this outside of Arsenal’s hotel. The two are playing today, in the Champions League, in Turkey. You should watch, if you like crazy fans.

Crazy motherfuckers. The picture up top was of Fenerbahce fans, indeed. I’m guessing Arsenal is pretty tired this morning.