FIGHT VIDEO: Spring Break Bros Will Kill You, Karate-Style, If You Take Their Vince Carter Raptors Jersey

  • Matt Rudnitsky

There are a few things that Modern Bros will fight for: women’s rights, gay rights,the right to try to kill their frat bros during pledging, the last can of whippets, and vintage basketball jerseys.

Seriously, though, the first 1:45 of the video is incredibly slow, but then shit gets real, real fast.

Bro, how are these girls going to respect me if my biceps aren’t surrounded by the apparel worn by an NBA star during my adolescence?

Jersey Bro got hustled by Secret Karate Bro. (Whatever the hell that move was, I must master it and start compiling my own jersey collection.)

A little sexual tension between two insecure bros, a scarily vicious, “GIVE HIM THE JERSEY, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!” … SO COLLEGE, right? (No, really, this is what has happened at every outdoor frat party/spring break in history, except sometimes it’s a Larry Bird jersey.)

These are your future leaders of America.

(NOTE: This video is old, but it just showed up on Barstool today.)