Low-Level Finnish Soccer Produced This 70-Yard Goalkeeper Goal

  • Matt Rudnitsky

As we told you last week, we will only show you soccer highlights from small European countries that Americans are barely aware of when there is an otherworldly play, typically a goal. Last week, it was Romania. The next day, you forgot Romania existed, Joe American.

Today, we bring you to Finland, a magical land where goalkeepers score 70-yard goals off of free kicks. This is from Kakkonen, which is basically Double-A Finnish soccer. The teams: Kerho 07 and ORPa. Which team does the goalie play for? Hey, we’ve gotta leave something to the imagination.

As I said last week: you can now go back to your normal lives, where you act as if Finland doesn’t exist. I now expect a flood of comments like this from Finnish people who don’t understand this is a rib on Americans and our lack of worldliness.

The capital of Germany is Eastern Europe. Boom, roasted.

h/t reddit