First-Ever Soccer Game At Buckingham Palace Is Most British Thing Ever

  • Rick Chandler

According to the BBC, Buckingham Palace played host to its first-ever competitive soccer game earlier today. Meaning I guess that since 1837, some casual pickup games may have taken place on the grounds. Queen Victoria practicing penalty kicks against butler goalies?

It was London’s Civil Service FC (established in 1863) vs. Polytechnic FC (1875) on the Palace grounds, with Prince William in attendance. And it was a great match until the Earl of Wessex turned on the sprinklers. (That did not happen).


Prince William had told the players that if anyone broke a window they would “answer to” the Queen.

(Polite clapping with white gloves, restrained chuckles).

Polytechnic won, 2-1, but not before William showed everyone his awesome dribbling skills.

Kind of reminds me of this:

Also, this actually happened:

At half-time, palace footmen and women – wearing waistcoats and tail-coats – carried water, orange slices and chocolate bars on silver-plated platters onto the pitch for the players.

Too bad there was no sighting of Kate Middleton, the only real athlete in the Royal Family. Would have loved to see her play in this match and cause some damage, Elizabeth Lambert style.

Photos: Getty Images.