Luckiest Kid Ever Gets To Score Goal In Pro Soccer Match

  • Glenn Davis

It appears this happened around a week ago, but it’s new to us, so here goes. Vadim Evseev was ending his career in the Belarus Premier League with a testimonial match, so the goal was to give him a memorable sendoff. But there was also apparently another goal for the game: breaking the internet with cuteness. Thanks to a brilliant plan involving a five-year-old boy and a whole lot of cooperation from the opposition, mission accomplished.

Everything about the little guy’s appearance (some thought it was Evseev’s son, but apparently it’s an unrelated kid named Hrisan Dzheus) is fantastic – from the swaggering entrance to the way the other team plays along despite the fact that the goal makes the score 4-2 in the 68th minute. A comeback at that point is unlikely, sure… but not impossible. Yeah, it’s a testimonial match and everything, but it’s still a match. They went all-out for the kid. Good on you, guys.

And since we can only see this brief snippet, we will simply assume that the team did come all the way back to win, with the kid netting three straight goals, this time with the opponents trying. Even if this didn’t happen, though, and the uncontested goal is the only one the five-year-old scored: hey, one more goal than we’d scored in a professional soccer match at age five. See it below.