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Former Gamecocks QB Stephen Garcia Injured Himself By Flashing The Peace Sign

  • Eric Goldschein

Sometimes here at SportsGrid, we try to come up with witty, slightly vague headlines that entice the readers to click through and read more. It’s a widely used tactic that absolutely has its time and place. This story, however, in which a quarterback was placed on the disabled list for simply raising two fingers in the air, requires us to be completely upfront about the situation. You might not believe us otherwise.

You might remember Stephen Garcia from his time at South Carolina, which ended with him being booted off the team after five suspensions. He just signed a three-year deal to play for the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League, but was “immediately” placed on the one-game injured list. And why? From the Montreal Gazette:

Garcia injured two fingers getting off the bus and flashing the peace sign, according to the organization.

And that is, apparently, all they have to say about that. A quarterback, a man who makes his living with his hands, injured his digits by making one of the most common signals in the world. And it’s not like he was doing it in the pocket with defensive lineman bearing down on him — he was on the bus!

This should retroactively go to the top of the list on our weird injuries rundown, because, seriously, what the hell? Garcia and the Alouettes need to start making up a better excuse for why this happened. He had bad chopstick-holding form. He was spinning a dreidel too quickly. Maybe he even hurt it playing football. Choose something, because any excuse is better than this.

h/t Larry Brown Sports