Floyd Mayweather Is Selling His Miami Oceanfront Condo For $2.6 Million

  • Eric Goldschein

floyd mayweather condoIf you’re the kind of guy who wants Floyd Mayweather’s sloppy seconds, you might be T.I. You might also be interested in buying Mayweather’s insane $2.6 million condo in Miami, which he’s selling because it’s now too small for his four kids.

Right on the Atlantic Ocean, the 3,000 square foot condo has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, 360-degree views, marble floors and “caterer-quality appliances.” If you do buy it, we recommend having Manny Pacquiao over for dinner.

For some reason, even this fantastic pad doesn’t seem like it would have suited Mayweather’s taste. It’s cool and all, but this guy travels with ziplock bags full of cash. He’s got a fleet of luxury cars. He’ll wear boxers and shoes once and then throw them out. Shouldn’t his condo have a gold fountain (that is, a fountain made out of gold that pours liquid gold into a gold basin)? A closet that turns into a jet? A Moon Door? A full live orchestra that plays whenever his doorbell rings?



Photos via realtor.com