SPOILER ALERT: Floyd Mayweather Is Still Very Undefeated (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Yesterday was a thowback sports day. Horse racing in the afternoon, boxing at night. Surprised this morning’s newspaper headlines didn’t say something about the moon or Nixon or the war in Europe. So it was only fitting that Floyd Mayweather gave Roberto Guerrero an old fashioned butt-whuppin’.

44-0. That’s Money’s career record. He’s like the UCONN Women’s basketball team.

Except he almost kills people.

In vintage form, Floyd worked his opponent into a bloody pulp, earning his 18th decision and defending his welter-weight championship belt. He landed 195 punches out of 476 thrown, which, in case you’re his opponent this morning — that’s 41%. Just figured your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders today, Mr. Guerrero.

“I’m just blessed,” Floyd said after the fight.

Yes, Floyd, you are. And $32M richer than you were Friday.

After a year off from boxing, where he turned 36 and spent 2 months in prison for domestic violence, Mayweather had very little trouble dealing with the trash talking Guerrero, who’d been asking for the fight for years. I say “trash talking” only because that’s what the rest of the sports world calls it. I call it “auditioning for a shot at winning $32M.”

Mayweather is under a 30-month contract to fight five more times. The next of which will be September 14th.

(Floyd Mayweather is WBC welterweight champion, WBA (Super) super welterweight champion, and holds the WBC diamond super welterweight belt)

Photo via Getty, H/T Guardian Sports