Ex-NHL Ref Says 'The Mighty Ducks' Was Officiated Poorly, Offers Helpful Suggestions

  • Matt Rudnitsky

It’s usually incredibly annoying to “correct” the liberties taken by Hollywood, like when GREGG Easterbrook writes things like HEY SPACE JAM CREATORS: DID YOU KNOW THAT MICHAEL JORDAN NEVER WOULD HAVE PLAYED FOR LESS THAN MARKET VALUE!

But this is a rare exception. TSN (that’s like Canadian ESPN) enlisted an ex-referee, Kerry Fraser, to review “The Mighty Ducks” movie from back in 1993, and it’s lighthearted and lovely. You should read the whole thing, but here are some highlights.

Being assigned to this game would have been a ref’s worst nightmare!

Indeed. Gotta work your way through the ranks, though.

The majority of the Mighty Ducks players would be disqualified from participating in the game even prior to the opening face-off based on various equipment violations; Rule 9.1–all players of each team shall be uniformly dressed with “approved” design and color of their helmets, sweaters, short pants, stockings and skates. Any player or goalkeeper not complying with this rule shall not be permitted to participate in the game.

Oh. OK. Movie over.

He also would have “insisted upon a sincere apology” for the “Oreo cookie” racism. The player would have been escorted to the bench, his coach warned that another comment would result in a game misconduct.

The Ducks (I think? he doesn’t specify which team) then would’ve been called for an interference penalty. And after the goal, the Hawks player would get a minor for roughing, for hitting the Duck in the head and knocking off his helmet.

So the Ducks would be down 1-0, but they’d be on the power play! Hope restored.

But most importantly, the Flying V was NOT offsides.

Upon further review the Mighty Ducks remained onside as the puck was advanced to Jessie Hall at the front of the Flying-V just prior to crossing their attacking blue line. The Flying-V moved up ice as Harry Hall of the Mighty Ducks carried the puck from a protected, safe and legal position at the back of the V. Just prior to gaining their attacking blue line, the puck was passed through the legs and onto the stick of the lead Duck in the V; #9 Jessie Hall.

Check out the whole thing, HERE.