Another Reporter Dad Rubs It In" />

Fox Reporter Throws Basketball At Trick Shot Baby Titus’ Face, Another Reporter Dad Rubs It In

  • Zach Berger

Baby Titus, known for his trick shot expertise and free throw competitions with various NBA players and Jimmy Kimmel, took a beating this morning on Fox & Friends. He was just minding his own business, throwing his baby basketball into his baby hoop with robot-like precision, when a meanie reporter threw a basketball at his face.

Check it out:

Right, so let’s teach him that by throwing a basketball at his head when he’s a defenseless baby. This video also shows why you should never mic up a baby. At best, they offer no contributions to the conversation at all. At worst, a reporter is yelling over a crying baby as he tries to escape to commercial break to avoid the humiliation of what just happened.