Franck Ribery Furious At Teammate Over Celebratory Beer Dousing: ‘He Knows I’m Muslim. I’m Pissed Off’

  • Rick Chandler

Today’s question: is it cool to douse a teammate with beer during a victory celebration if you know he’s Muslim? Before you answer, keep in mind that this is Germany we’re talking about, where tasty beer is considered mother’s milk. Plus, the victim is Franck Ribery, who converted to Islam relatively recently.

Of course being touched by beer is much worse than sleeping with an underage hooker, apparently. Ribery has admitted he’s done the latter. But still, he’s pissed.

It happened after Bayern Munich’s final home game, as they celebrated winning the Bundesliga championship. As you can see above, Ribery comically tried to flee teammates who wanted to soak him with celebratory beer, owing to his Muslim faith. He finally got cornered and doused by former Manchester City defender Jerome Boateng.

Ribery was not amused.

Ribéry said after the celebrations: “I won’t talk to Boateng again, he knows that I’m Muslim. I’m pissed off.”

Ribery converted to Islam in 2008 so that he could marry his girlfriend, Wahiba Belhami. But in 2010 he got into legal trouble for sleeping with an underage prostitute, Zahia Dehar (below), who was 16 at the time. It was part of a bigger police investigation into an underage prostitution ring, but Ribery claimed he didn’t know how old she was, and charges were later dropped.

Photos: Getty Images/EMPIRY Sports.