Patriotic Nigerian Prostitutes Offer Free Sex For A Week If Nigeria Wins The African Cup Of Nations

  • Dylan Murphy

Sexual-act-for-sporting-achievement is a tradition rooted in history. Larissa Riquelme promised to run naked if Paraguay won the World Cup (they didn’t). Two pornstars promised to blow their Twitter followers if the Miami won the NBA title (they did, and they did). A Dutch pornstar made the same promise if the Netherlands won the 2010 World Cup (they didn’t). Next up is the Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, which has declared a week of free sex if Nigeria wins the African Cup of Nations.

On Sunday, Nigeria defeated Ivory Coast to advance to the semifinals against Mali, bringing them one step closer to the Cup of Nations and sex for nation. And according to the DailyPost, the ANP believes its promise of free sex brought fortune to its national team.

“We are really happy for the sweet victory over Drogba and co. Our free sex promise contributed massively to this victory and I must thank my members for this decision.”

A few questions: Who gets the free sex? The players? Everyone? Is there a per person limit? Just asking for a friend.