French Keeper Lunges Towards Ball, Violently Torpedoes Opponent In The Stomach Instead

  • Dylan Murphy

Sometimes, when the ball gets away from a soccer player, he lunges studs up. Knees are twisted, ankles are broken, a ligament tears or something else gets mangled. Rarely does studs up mean “leg parallel to the ground,” and rarely does that parallel leg strike an opposing player in the stomach-possibly-nuts. But that’s what happened here in a French U-17 match between AS Villaret and S.O.M, when the keeper misplayed the ball and ran full speed at a charging opponent. However, much as we’d like to pretend that this was a case of serious nut-kicking, that high boot seems to actually nail some gut. Then again, 101 Great Goals titles this video “Nutcracker,” so it’s clear on which side of the fence they stand.

Either way, it probably still hurt a lot.

GAH, the sound.

[101 Great Goals]