French Weathergirl Gets Naked To Fulfill World Cup Bet, But Many Viewers Feel Ripped Off

  • Rick Chandler

This is complete bull****, ladies and gentlemen. A French weathergirl who promised to get naked if France qualified for the World Cup had to make with the goods on Tuesday (France made it by one goal). But does it count if you’re filmed at a distance in a field, where only cows can actually see it’s you?


As weather girls go, Doria Tillier of Canal+ is definitely a major asset. Last week she promised to get nude without any clothes on, as Radar O’Reilly would say, if France qualified for the World Cup.

Les Bleus were down by two goals in aggregate before its final qualifying match with Ukraine, so Ms. Tillier was feeling pretty confident she would stay clothed. Then, France won, 3-0. My bet is that Ukraine gave up that final goal on purpose, because they have TVs too.

Canal+ made a big production of it, holding off on that night’s weather forecast to ramp up interest. But as you can almost see in the video, the payoff more resembled a Monty Python sketch than a nudie show. “How not to be seen …”

Call the network Canal-minus?

Translation: “Shit. France up 2-0. I’m starting to stress.”