High School Girl Prematurely Heaves Ball Full-Court At End Of Quarter, Ball Goes In Off The Bounce

  • Dylan Murphy

The thing about full-court buzzer-beaters is that they beat the buzzer. As in, the buzzer goes off. Last possession of a quarter, half, game, whatever. There is no more basketball after a buzzer-beater, at least for a time.

We’re not sure where this video comes from, but what we do know is this girl here on the black team was a bit overzealous when she grabbed the rebound. Instead of, say, dribbling the ball up court or making an outlet pass, she harnessed her inner time-mismanaging Andy Reid, reared back and fired the ball long. Well, short. Well short, in fact. The ball lands just below the circle, hops up towards the rim, sneaks right over it and plops in off the backboard.

The girl on the opposing team who retrieves the ball stands incredulously; what now? There’s still time on the clock in the quarter, she probably wonders. Finally she inbounds the ball, and the white team is unable to get off a shot before the actual buzzer. And so, incredibly stupid becomes simply incredible.