Gael Monfils Doesn’t Give A Shit, Turns Tennis Match Into Trick Shot Competition (Again)

  • Zach Berger

For those that don’t know, Gael Monfils is a French tennis player also knows as “La Monf” and “Sliderman,” the latter because he slides a lot when playing tennis, which is quite unusual. He has earned himself a reputation as a wildman on the court, often sacrificing good play for entertaining shots. That’s probably why he’s gone from his ranking as 7th in the world two years ago to 67th today.

Monfils’ latest trick shot came on Friday during the Gerry Weber Open in Germany in a match against hometown hero Tommy Haas. Here’s a look at the absolute ridiculousness that occurred during this point:

After a quick rally, Monfils had an easy slam for the point and decided to instead kick the ball to himself and return a playable shot to Haas, who then went on to win the point. As the announcer points out, perhaps he doesn’t expect to break Haas on his serve — though he would’ve gone up 30-15 on the game — so he opted for something a little more fun instead. Unsurprisingly, he lost the match.

But this is par for the course (or par for the court) when it comes to Monfils. He has always seemed to be a lot more interested in getting a rise out of the crowd than in having a successful tennis career.

For example, in a match against Jurgen Melzer just last month, Monfils hit an incredible no-look drop shot to win a point. You can see that video below.

And even better than both of those is this insanely athletic tweener that Monfils pulled off in a match against Juan Martin Del Potro a few months back. This isn’t so much a trick shot as it is one of the best tennis shots I’ve ever seen, but you can’t write about entertaining Monfils shots without including this one. He didn’t win the match, but if there were style points in tennis he just might have. Enjoy:

There you have it. Gael Monfils is a mediocre showboating obnoxious Frenchman tennis player and we absolutely love everything about it.