High School Kid Makes Game-Winning Shot… On Wrong Basket

  • Dan Fogarty

By all accounts, Charlotte Christian boys’ basketball senior Ryan Potocnik is a good player, averaging 10.8 points and 8.3 rebounds a game for a team that’s trying to get to its third 3A state championship in a row. So he’ll be fine.

But in a tournament in Norcross, Georgia, Potocnik had an unfortunate moment when, with just a few seconds left and his team up by one, he scored on the wrong basket. Apparently, he’d been going the wrong way on the play before, but caught a break when the ball went out of bounds. His coaches never pointed out to him that he was going the wrong way, however, and after getting an inbounds pass, he laid it in on the wrong hoop.┬áNorcross (the other team) would sink two free throws to win the game 60-57.

Again: when you’re a senior, and averaging 11 points a game, you can come back from mistakes like this, and we doubt anyone at school is giving Potocnik too hard of a time. He’s the team’s center, after all, and you don’t pick on the basketball team’s center. Video here (fast forward to the 31-second mark).

[Bob’s Blitz]