Non-Goalie Makes Crazy Save While Goofing Off, Guy Who Took Shot Overcome By Shock

  • Glenn Davis

Gareth Bale is not a goalkeeper, but he does play one in viral internet videos. And the Tottenham Hotspur winger plays the role pretty well, it turns out. Recently, while goofing around on the practice pitch, he stepped in goal, and an actual keeper (Jonathan Miles, keeper for Spurs’ youth team, per Dirty Tackle) took the shot. And Bale turned it right back:

Yeah, nice save and everything, especially from a guy who doesn’t actually play the position, but you know what really caught our attention? Miles’ face after Bales’ save. A screencap:

That’s something beyond shock… he’s aghast. His world has been turned upside down, and he does not like it one bit. And you know what? We’ve seen that look before. But where?

Wait (uh, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the most recent season of Breaking Bad)…

That’s right: Miles’ reaction to his shot being turned away is the mirror image of Jesse Pinkman after witnessing a child get murdered right in front of him:

Hey Jon: we get that you couldn’t believe the save, but was it that bad?

[Dirty Tackle]