German Soccer Club Schalke 04 Will Open Cemetery For Fans Called The “Schalke Fan Field”

  • Dylan Murphy

Schalke 04, one of Germany’s most storied soccer clubs, has a rabid fan base of which it is very appreciative. So much so that they’ve sectioned off a part of a cemetery just for its fans. Via The Sun:

“Called the Schalke Fan Field, it is situated in an especially-allocated part of a cemetery due to be completed this month, just 500 yards from the Veltins Arena…”

The space will hold 1,904 graves, representative of the year the club was founded, and will be open to any fan willing to pay the £1,000 to reserve and £100 in annual upkeep. For already deceased fans, relatives will have the opportunity to move the caskets to this new location in their honor. Some former stars of the club will also be moved to this cemetery to complete the memorial for the club.

And no, the club won’t turn a profit on its fans’ deaths. Or so they claim.

So, we ask: is this going overboard? Maybe. Well…maybe not. This guy is totally amped to die. Europe, amirite?

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