The Latest Xtreme Sport: Pushing Your Girlfriend Off A Cliff

  • Joe Levine

What’s the next obvious progression from extreme rope swinging? Forcing people to do it against their will. Such is the case with Jessica Powell, who was shoved off a cliff by her own boyfriend when she wasn’t able to jump on her own.

Faced with a free fall of 400 feet, Powell was understandably nervous to complete one of the most extreme rope swings ever recorded. Her boyfriend Creighton Baird was by her side, initially to offer support. 45 minutes later, enough was enough. Despite numerous countdowns to get Powell to take the leap herself, Baird gave her a good shove and away she flew.

Watch as Powell unwillingly takes the leap, screaming “I’m breaking up with you!” at Baird as he laughs hysterically, but not before experiencing the excruciatingly long wait beforehand that actually makes you side with Baird.

Don’t worry; the couple didn’t actually break up over this. They apparently did recently, though, which begs the question: if getting shoved off a cliff doesn’t end a relationship, what does?

[New York Daily News]