That Time Some Girls High School Basketball Players From Missouri Dumped Their Piss In The Opponent’s Gatorade Cooler

  • Dylan Murphy

Yellow Gatorade looks like urine! Heh. Some form of that joke has been made by children everywhere, but none to our knowledge have executed the devilishly cruel yellow Gatorade-urine swap. That is until we read about four girls high school basketball players who dumped their piss in the Gatorade cooler of their opponents.

Last week the principal of Monett High School emailed parents the details, saying that the four girls had pissed in four cups and emptied the contents into the Gatorade cooler of Cassville High School in a game on February 4th. No word on motive or the color of the Gatorade, though we’ll just go ahead and assume it was yellow. Then again, we don’t know much about urine chemical reactivity as it relates to color.

Oh, and there’s also this:

“Monett High School has contacted infectious disease specialists and says a Cassville student is being tested for potential health risks. Monett’s principal encouraged parents not to retaliate.”

So, this is the wrong move, then.

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[St. Louis Post-Dispatch]