Finally: Goal Line Technology Will Be On Display Today During Brazil’s Confederations Cup Match Against Japan

  • Jake O'Donnell

Here’s how it works: 14 cameras are focused on the two goal lines. The ball is rendered in a computer in 3-dimensions and it’s movement is tracked within millimeters. The referee is given a Tomagachi watch that notifies him when the system sees a goal.

It’s basically what tennis uses, because it can be replayed in a corny Dire Straits Money for Nothing music video kind of way, to serve as evidence. The only difference: close calls happen every play in tennis and every so often in soccer. At $4,000 a game, GoalControl ain’t worth it. Even for Champions League matches. So it’ll be used in only the biggest of international events, as it is being tested today in Brazil during the host’s 3:00PM match vs duh-of-course-Japan.

Pretty cool considering soccer is the most technologically deprived sport shown on television. Next step: laser beam errant pucks hurdling towards hockey moms. What? They can totally do that…

H/T Deadspin