Drunk Guy Gets His Forehead Kicked Off In Golf Clubhouse

  • Evan Sporer

Some people do odd things while intoxicated. There’s the drunk-caller. The drunk-texter. The drunk-Facebooker. But this video gives us a new kind of drunken fool: the drunk, “I’m going to solicit a girl in the golf clubhouse to roundhouse kick my visor off my head.”

I guess this sort of falls in between the some drunks we are familiar with? Like, it’s safe to say this guy was taking advantage of drunk courage when propositioning this girl for the roundhouse kick. And then there’s the other end of the drunk courage: thinking you can endure any hit or pain, usually something that leads to drunken fights.

Whatever happened with this guy, we’re just glad this girl missed… and glad it was caught on video.

Also, where does that fork in the end come from? Was there a fork on her foot?

[Via Barstool Sports]