Golfer Loses Fingers In Fight With Crocodile, Sues Golf Course

  • Rick Chandler

It’s the age-old story: Golfer is tackled by crocodile, fights with crocodile, loses some fingers, goes to hospital, hospital makes him pay for surgery before treating him, golfer sues golf course.

Edward Lunger, a 50-year-old engineer from Long Island, was golfing in Mexico at the Iberostar Cancun Golf Club, when he was jumped by a crocodile while trying to hit out of the sand. He pulled free, sans some fingers, and Lunger’s friend bashed the croc with a boulder. Then it got weird. New York Post:

Paramedics took Lunger to a private hospital where, he claims, he was forced to pay the $17,800 bill up front before he could get treatment.

The men, and two other friends, split the tab on their credit cards.

Doctors managed to reattach Lunger’s index finger, but he lost his middle finger and most of his ring finger.

“I don’t blame the crocodile,” Lunger said.

You want to see a picture of Lunger’s hand, don’t you? Fine, here it is.

Lunger is suing the course for $2.25 million, saying there were no crocodile warning signs (I’ve got ’em all over my property, because you never know). And the golf course has responded in expected fashion: it says that Lunger teased the crocodile with chicken, causing the attack.

Great quote from Lunger: “Where would I get chicken?”

Photo: Getty Images.