Professional Golfer Takes Off His Pants To Hit A Ball Out Of The Water, Then Scurries Across The Green To “Mark His Ball” (Video)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Talk about glass ceilings. Partially nude golfers have never been able to break through to the professional ranks. Well guys, you’re Danica Patrick has arrived. Enter Andreas Hartø, Danish Pro Golfer, fierce competitor in the European Tour’s Trophée Hassan II tournament in Morocco, and proud owner small European underwear. You may not know this, but the Danish have a real interest in small underwear. Just ask Danish pro tennis babe Caroline Wozniacki, who recently unveiled her own line of comfortable small lady garments.

So let me get this straight. He took his shoes off because he didn’t want to have soaking wet feet for the rest of the round. That’s understandable. But his pants were only going to get splashed. Or, God forbid, stained! Wow, dude. Great excuse to show off your massive quads and bikini bottom. But what has literally no excuse, is his frantic little-kid-who-has-to-pee-walk over to the green to mark his ball. Dude, you’ve already marked your balls with Caroline Wozniacki’s underwear. When LPGA golfers are sucking black widow venom out of their own leg and shooting 74, you need to recognize that the bar has been officially raised. No more of this. Please.

H/T Deadspin