Golf’s Weird Rules Gave Us A Ton Of Impossible-To-Avoid Puns About ‘Taking Relief In The Bathroom’ Over The Weekend

  • Eric Goldschein

Nicolas Colsaerts hit a wild tee shot that flew out of bounds on the 10th hole of the Volvo World Match Play Championship this weekend. Because golf is weird, the “point of relief” was determined to be inside a bathroom. Puns and giggles ensued for almost four straight minutes.

“He’s looking a bit flushed about this,” and “This definitely brings a whole new meaning to taking relief” and several instances of Americans saying “the loo” dominate this so-called highlight.

Point of relief, by the way, is explained this way — see if you can understand it yourself without issue:

The player is going to elect to take relief from the obstruction. Determining the nearest point of relief will depend on whether the player is right or left-handed. Let’s say that this player hits his/her Pitching Wedge 120 yards. The player should take his/her pitching wedge, then take an address position. This means that the player has taken his/her stance and has grounded the pitching wedge with no interference from the obstruction. The nearest point of relief is where the clubhead is grounded and is the closest spot in play, no nearer the hole, free from the obstruction.

What was truly “fantastic” and “classic” about all this: Colsaerts ended up making par on this hole anyway. The man triumphed over a billion puns, golf’s crazy rules and the elements. He’s our new favorite golfer.

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