Remember When These Guys Were Co-Rookie Of The Year?

  • Eric Goldschein

jason kidd grant hill co-rookie of year

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1. Back in ’95, Grant Hill and Jason Kidd were at the top of their class.

Now they’re old, rickety, done with the NBA. We’ll miss them. [Washington Post]

2. Jim Kelly is battling jaw-bone cancer.

But he sounds optimistic, so we’ll try to follow suit. [CBS Sports]

3. The most deformed fingers in sports.

And because it’s Buzzfeed, there are 15 of ’em. [Buzzfeed Sports]

4. Pearl Jam sends its best to Mookie Blaylock.

Plus a nerdy little story about Pearl Jam comparing basketball cards. [Larry Brown Sports]

Not sports related, still important.

Think about this the next time you go to Taco Bell; people react to Game of Thrones (SPOILERS); balloon-based WiFi; why Pacino didn’t play Han Solo.

And finally, tonight…

Sometimes the best reaction is little-to-no reaction (skip to the 1:00 mark).