Greek Soccer Fans Went So Crazy That Their Game Was Delayed Over An Hour, Because You Couldn’t See Anything

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Olympiakos vs. PAOK. Greek soccer fans are CRAZY AS HELL LOOK THEY’RE IN HELL:

Crazy Olympiakos Fan Flares

We recently showed you video and a GIF of the insanity, but now we have another video and picture to add to the awesomeness.

The game had to be delayed over an hour.

If you’re confused, a redditor explained the situation better than I can:

Both teams have just entered the pitch and are lined up for the pre-game picture and shaking of hands with the ref and each other. The fans have lit a lot of fireworks at the side lines to create a hellish atmosphere prior to the game starting. They took it a little too far and the game had to be delayed for a long time because the smoke made it impossible to play.

This is what taking it “a little too far” looks like in Greece. In Miami, Heat fans once kept the American Airlines Center 70% full in the fourth quarter of a first-round playoff game. That shit was wild.