There Is An Auction For An Actual Masters Green Jacket. How Has Bidding Not Completely Lost Control?

  • Glenn Davis

“Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?”

You might remember that as a question posed by Happy Gilmore in the 1996 film of the same name, and while the gold jacket existed only in the Happy Gilmore universe, the answer to the question when it comes to the green jacket is: a lot of people. A lot. The green jacket is synonymous with the Masters – a tournament that, in case you’d never heard/been hit over the head with promos it, has a tradition unlike any other.

[two-minute break to listen to that song and meditate on the beauty of Augusta National]

Anyway. People love the Masters. They feel connections to the tournament that border on spiritual. Countless people would do anything to play a round on that course. But what if you could do even better: what if you could own an authentic [vintage Masters] green jacket? How nuts would people go trying to get their hands on one of those?

Well, now there’s a way to find out: a select number are being auctioned off. And on one 1959 model, the bidding is up to… $33,180. And I never thought I’d say this about the willingness to pay over $33,000 for a jacket, but: that’s it?

This is the green jacket. Reserved for the Masters champion*. This is one of those symbols that’s bigger than golf. I’d have expected one crazy/obscenely wealthy person to push bidding into six figures, at least. The “set autobid limit” options on the site go into the millions. Not one avid golfer with more money than they know what to do with (and a good percentage of the people with more money than they know what to do with are golfers, I’d wager) has pushed bidding up into the stratosphere?

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed at how tame these bids are. The chance to actually own a green jacket is one of the cooler sports auction opportunities I’ve ever seen – and I’m not even a golf fanatic. If I were, I’d be losing my mind at this auction/taking out an ill-advised loan to make a bid. Because apparently, no one else in this bidding process is feeling too ill-advised, given what the bid for the 1959 jacket looks like. Oh well. Before I get too worked up, better listen to that CBS Masters theme song again. Really calms me down.

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*Should note here, as pointed out by a commenter: not all green jackets are reserved for the Masters champion; they’re given to all club members. But the particular one being auctioned? That one was for a Masters champion, so I would have thought somebody would push the bidding way higher than it had been.