Greg Norman Wants To Sell You A Boca Raton Mansion He Hasn’t Built Yet For $25 Million

  • Eric Goldschein

You trust former number one ranked golfer Greg Norman, don’t you? When has the former Open Championship winner ever steered you wrong? Exactly. So why don’t you go ahead and put down $25 million for a 7.5 acre Boca Raton, FL property? No, there’s no house on it yet… but there will be, if these sketches are to be believed:


To be fair, it does sound like a great place. 6017 Le Lac Road has a waterfront view, and the proposed property will have the following:

-28,945 square feet
-Seven bedrooms
-19 (yes, nineteen) bathrooms
-10 car garage
-Private pool
-A “private corner lot amenable to helicopter access” (?!?!?!?!)

All this can be yours by 2015. And just think, the same property (without the proposed bathroom-laden mega-palace) was on sale for a mere $6 million earlier this year. Should have pounced when you had the chance! Now some oil magnate will be living in the house that The Shark built, and you… well, I don’t know you, so who knows what your life will be like instead. Good luck with everything.


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