GTA V Will Feature A Virtua Tennis-Style Mini Game, Golf, Surfing (Maybe), Cycling, Skydiving, And More

  • Jake O'Donnell

grand theft auto mini games

Today marks the release of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V (that’s five, as in 5), and, as expected, it will offer up an unprecedented, almost infinite world to explore. So what can you expect?


That’s right. And not just a glorified version of pong. You’ll be able to play a legitimate Dreamcast-caliber tennis match, complete with drop shots, slice, back spin, top spin, and varying camera angles. And there are even rumors that you’ll be able to compete online.


Another perfect sport to fit in with the inherently criminal element in a game named after a felony. Golf has long been the sport of choice among the corrupt and totally evil — Donald Trump has like three courses. Strangely enough, with GTA V’s map expected to be larger than IV’s by a power of five, rumors are swirling that there will be more than one course in the game. Given how simple Tiger Woods has become (or PGA Golf or whatever it’s called now), don’t be surprised if this kind of multi-sport world permanently replaces sport specific games altogether.


After a mod was released for the previous game, it’s only natural that the people over at Rockstar would comply with the obvious demand for it as an official mini game in the latest installment. Sure, Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer was kind of lame — but that’s because it cost $50. This version is free — plus you’ll frequently get attacked by sharks. Win win there.


Sure, biking has been around the GTA games since pretty much the beginning. But not like this. You’ll be able to earn money by winning races, tricking out your ride, improving your virtual lung capacity — all without actually ever having to sit on a bike and smush your balls. Oh, and you’ll get to carry weapons on you, so those drivers who seem to think they own the road BE ADVISED.