Guy Bitten By Luis Suarez Thinks Luis Suarez's Punishment Is 'Excessive'

  • Eric Goldschein

chiellini suarez

Giorgio Chiellini was pretty pissed when Luis Suarez bit him during the Italy-Uruguay match earlier this week, probably because he was playing World Cup soccer and his opponent bit him. The surreal encounter between Suarez’s teeth and Chiellini’s shoulder resulted in a heavy suspension, ban and fine for Suarez.

Immediately following the match, Chiellini called on FIFA to punish one of its stars. Well, they did. But apparently nine matches and four months without his team isn’t what Chiellini had in mind. Via his website (emphasis ours):

Now inside me there’s no feelings of joy, revenge or anger against Suarez for an incident that happened on the pitch and that’s done. There only remain the anger and the disappointment about the match.

At the moment my only thought is for Luis and his family, because they will face a very difficult period.

I have always considered unequivocal the disciplinary interventions by the competent bodies, but at the same time I believe that the proposed formula is excessive. I sincerely hope that he will be allowed, at least, to stay close to his team mates during the games because such a ban is really alienating for a player.

That’s a remarkably level-headed thing for the victim of Suarez’s crime to say. He makes an interesting point about the stadium ban (Suarez isn’t even allowed near a pitch during his suspension), but then again, he’s about to transfer to Barcelona anyway. He might already have one foot, emotionally, out the door. But good on Chiellini for taking the high road.

Also, adorable website, bro.

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