We Wouldn’t Show You A French Handball Goal Without Reason, So Check This Out

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Trust me, we wouldn’t show you a French Handball goal if it wasn’t worth your time. I’m far from a handball expert, but I lived in Denmark for a few months, and they like handball to a strange degree. They are obsessed, and it’s weird (but awesome). I never saw a goalie score a goal, and I certainly never saw a goalie score a goal with his foot. It’s safe to assume this is pretty rare. The Guardian helpfully points out that the keeper’s name is Francois Xavier Chapon, and he plays for a team named US Ivry.

Francois the Frenchman, making handball history. Now you can go back to never watching a second of what I assume is mediocre professional handball, because that’s how things should be. Stop messing with our news cycle, obscure French athletes.

[The Guardian]