Headline Of The Day So Far: ‘Wife Bites Husband’s Genitals Because He Made Her Leave The Rodeo Early’

  • Rick Chandler

This story is filled with so much comedy goodness that I don’t know where to start. Well, how about with the potential criminal charges? That’s always a good place. While at the Penn Valley Rodeo (north of Sacramento, CA), Anthony Hill and his wife, Christina Salinas, got into an argument which resulted in the woman biting her husband in the penis.

CBS Sacramento:

Hill wanted to leave early, she wanted to stay. When they got home, the argument continued. Salinas’ ex-husband tried to separate the two, and when both men went to hold her down, that’s when she allegedly bit his penis.

But he says he’s already made up with her, saying it’s just what they normally do — except they don’t call 911.

Key graph:

“I’ve assaulted her before in arguments,” Hill said. “We work it out and I went beyond that.”

Other important notes:

• According to the story, Anthony had never been to a rodeo before. Yep, it was literally his first rodeo.

• The couple live in Rough and Ready, CA.

• The station covering the story even worked up a fancy graphic for the occasion. Nice one, CBS13-Sacramento graphics team. Although instead of a horseshoe I would have gone with a set of teeth. Or a penis.

The happy couple. And a friend.