Here’s A Photo That Appears To Show Ryan Lochte With An Erection, If You’re Into That

  • Eric Goldschein

Another episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? aired last night, though this is another one of those “If Ryan Lochte’s TV show was on last night, and nobody was around to watch it, did it really happen?” situations. And while we’re sure he said and did a number of outrageous things, this takes the cake:

So, yeah, there’s Ryan Lochte with what appears to be his erection. Nobody on the SportsGrid staff had the time/energy/ability/impetus to watch What Would Ryan Lochte Do? last night, because we are normal people who have respect for our brain cells. So maybe right after this, Lochte pulled away the blanket to reveal a Gatorade bottle, or a stack of medals, and everyone had a good laugh. We don’t know. Do you?

This concludes our coverage of Ryan Lochte’s penis for today.