'The Curse Of Rob Ford' Almost Definitely Existed, And Has Been Broken

  • Eric Goldschein

rob fordTroubled, embattled, crackhead — there a lot of ways to describe Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto currently in rehab for drug addiction. Ford has made headlines over the past few months for being the modern day version of Chris Farley, if Chris Farley was a huge sports fan who also held public office.

Ford has showed up to a number of sporting events over the past year, and whichever team he’s rooted for has ended up losing. The most recent example was the Blue Jays, who blew their home opener to the Yankees… but have had the best record in baseball since Ford entered rehab.

The curse of Rob Ford — was it real? Is it broken? You decide:

The score of the Super Bowl was 43-8, not 48-8, but otherwise, pretty hard to argue, huh? Especially the Blue Jays stuff. That’s just crazy.


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