Here’s A Video Of Spike Lee Talking To Himself About Brooklyn

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Spike Lee is the world’s most notorious Knicks fan. So what’s the deal with him having an alter ego that dresses up in Brooklyn Nets black and white and talking to himself through a mirror? I guess we all know that nobody cares about Spike Lee’s opinion on sports quite like Spike Lee. He is still a Knicks fan though, right?

In other news, the Nets defeated the Knicks in overtime, 96-89, in the first ever game between the two cross-city rivals at the Barclay’s Center. I’m not gonna say Marv Albert was homerin’ for the Knickerbockers all night, but you’d be ticked too if you had to endure that “BROOOOOOOKLYYYYYNNNN” chant for two and a half hours.

[Getty Images]