Here’s An Insane Handball Goal That Ignores The Laws Of Physics

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The European Handball Championships might be the best sporting event that you’ve never watched. Seriously, I lived in Denmark for four months, and people go crazy for this shit. The only downside is that any good American athlete could step in and immediately dominate, but if you ignore that fact, you realize that the game is fun as hell.

This goal comes from Danish legend Mikkel Hansen, whom my friend once recognized on the streets of Copenhagen, greeting him with the only Danish phrase he knew, “tak men nej tak,” or “thanks, but no thanks.” (Imagine going up to Derek Jeter in New York, smiling, and greeting him with, “thanks, but no thanks,” and a handshake.) Hansen impressively responded with, “Okay.” (In a Danish accent.)

Thanks, but no thanks, Sir Isaac Newton.