LeBron James Dunked All Over The Philippines, But Also Got Posterized By A High Schooler

  • Eric Goldschein

LeBron James visited the Philippines today (or, as they call it in the Philippines, yesterday) to promote sneakers or Nike or himself or something, and he coached an exhibition game at the Mall of Asia to do so. Except LeBron James isn’t a coach, he’s a basketball player. So he jumped into the game to play some basketball. Unsurprisingly, he dominated his relatively tiny opponents and probably could run for president of the Philippines and win because of it:

BUT WAIT. In pre-game warmups, it appears that the King was posterized by a high school kid named Kobe (OMG) Paras. Ok, well, it’s not like LeBron was really contesting the dunk, but from this angle it definitely looks like something I’d want hanging on my wall (via That NBA Lottery Pick):

We can probably conclude that LeBron James is absolute garbage and/or the greatest player on Earth. Got that?

[Beyond the Buzzer]