Here’s Video From FOX’s Dumbed Down Champions League Final Pre-game Show

  • Mohammed Rahman

Here’s what Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl had to say about FOX’s Champions League final pre-game show:

Why can’t the Fox pregame figure out what ESPN did for its World Cup coverage? Please stop dumbing it down and comparing it to U.S. sports.

Too late. It was part frustrating as hell to watch and the other part was amused at how wrong FOX got this. The audience tuning in understands and gets soccer; they wouldn’t be watching otherwise. It was utterly pointless to have Michael Strahan (really?) explain arbitrarily picked differences between football and soccer. What person would spend his Saturday afternoon watching a sport if he didn’t know the rules?

Here’s the best part: Strahan tweeted that he taped a piece on May 25. It’s funny how no FOX Sports producer, since Wednesday, thought that this wasn’t a good idea.

It’s a played out and inaccurate joke to say Americans don’t care for soccer. Our knowledge of the world’s game, the proven durability of MLS, and our passionate support for the elite foreign leagues suggest otherwise.

It’s clearly replacing hockey as the fourth major national sport and it hasn’t peaked.

Video below from the pre-game show.

[image via Mocksession]