Here's What $88,000 Will Get You In Rio de Janeiro For The Month Of The World Cup

  • Jake O'Donnell

A bullet proof Range Rover, a penthouse, breakfast, and a view of the most iconic beach on Earth. Oh, and a movie theater. And a bunch of bathrooms. And an on-call maid.

Also, pineapples. Lots and lots of pineapples.

Seriously though, we’re talking about the two dopest places to stay during the 2014 World Cup. We can’t imagine anyone associated with these places not having an incredible time.

Then again…

[Air BnB] No loud parties or noises must be made after 10:00PM or deposit will be held as Condominium fines apply. (Brazilian Law states that loud noises must be stopped by 10PM). Any complaints received from neighbors and notified by the condominium will result in losing the deposit. If a second complaint was to be filed an immediate eviction will be applied with no refund of rent.

Shit. Oh well, looks like you’ll have to stay up in the favelas after all.