Hero Dads Take Down Stoned Teen

  • Dan Fogarty

Bro on the field! Bro on the field! My God, what is that bro doing on the field?!

Why isn’t he wearing a shirt?! Why isn’t he wearing pants?! Why is he pouring his water out? At the big game no less! Gosh, he is menacing. He just doesn’t give a care! Not one care! Look at him sauntering to and fro, shirtless with his rump out, challenging two school’s worth of football men to fisticuffs! Clearly, he could have been the quarterback if he wanted, but was too busy being awesome.

Oh. Wait. Nevermind. Sean’s dad just distracted him by waving his hands, and I’m pretty sure Marty’s dad is going to — yep. Marty’s dad just tackled the hell out of him. This bro is no longer cool.

This bro is going on YouTube.

[With Leather]