Hey Luis Suarez, Why Don’t You Let Other People Play With The Ball?

  • Jake O'Donnell

In order to hit a successful volley, you need three things to happen. First, you need to be in right place when the ball serendipitously pops up into the air. Second, you need to have space between you and the goal. Third, and most important, you need to keep it down.

We’re telling you this — not Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. He knows what he’s doing. (And so do we, as we’ve been documenting his strange/impressive journey to the Ballon d’Or.)

Watch him score his 19th goal in 12 games in grand fashion (six more than Sergio Agüero and 10 more than the next two dudes). LFC ended up beating Welsh club Cardiff City 3-1, sending Pool ahead of Man City and Arsenal for the top spot on the EPL table.

Photo via Getty, GIF via manofmanynames