How To Become The Coolest Kid In Your School: Do This

  • Glenn Davis

Welcome to the latest in SportsGrid’s not-especially-long-running intermittent series, “How To Become The Coolest Kid In Your School.” Our latest coolest kid: Derrick Swift, of Lake County High School in Tennessee. Lake County was on the ropes in a recent state playoff game, down by three with only seconds to spare. All they could do was take a last-second desperation shot to tie… from the other end of the court. The ball was in Swift’s hands. Luckily for Lake County, he knew what to do with it:

And yes, Lake County did go on to win in overtime, so Swift saved and helped prolong their season. And his teammates were very, very grateful. As were the cheerleaders, who joined in the joyous mob themselves. The announcer was right that Swift took his shot with a bit of time on the clock – thereby meaning he didn’t have to take it from quite that distance – but if it feels right, it feels right. Enjoy it, Derrick: you are definitely the coolest kid at Lake County right now.

[h/t Clay Travis]